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A new day for CANASA

ImageSince August 17th I have had the privilege to serve and represent the security industry in Canada as the new executive director of CANASA. It is with great pride that I take this assignment not only because CANASA is a fantastic not-for-profit organization but also because it serves an industry in which I have worked in for more than 15 years.

September 10, 2009  By JF Champagne

Some people might believe that our association is experiencing
difficulty, having spent the better part of the last three years
without leadership and direction in the executive director position.
Some people closer to the organization have even questioned my
motivation to return to CANASA in light of internal issues.

The reality is that after thirty days at the helm, I have never felt so
proud of all the CANASA volunteers, directors, staff and members who
have stood and taken our association forward in spite of the storms.
They have weathered difficult decisions in difficult times and

I am proud of our association which continues to put on high quality
trade shows and conferences under the Security Canada name. In
difficult economic times, Security Canada has managed to deliver the
same quality, attract returning and new exhibitors as well as the
crowds to make each event a success. All indications are that Security
Canada Central in Toronto on October 21st and 22nd will be again a
great success.

I am proud of our Quebec Chapter who has been writing history in
legislative framework for the private security sector. For the last
decade they have worked relentlessly and are playing a central role in
the implementation of Bill 88. CANASA will be recognized as a pioneer
and a reference for many years to come in the regulation of private
security. I am also proud of volunteers in Nova Scotia and British
Colombia where they continue the long and hard work to work with


I am proud of the work of the Ontario Chapter who has built the
foundation of the Accredited Security Contractor program which we aim
to launch in 2010 across the country as one pillar of our commitment to

I am proud to see many sister associations, still eager to work
together, grow our partnerships and make better use of our mutual
resources to further educate our members and the general public.

I am particularly proud of our volunteers on the National Executive
Committee who are about to complete their two year term, Frank, Karen,
Bill, Ivan and Kim who have spent countless hours running the ship,
making difficult decisions and taking on a job most of us would not
take even if we were paid to do it. Bottom line, our National
President, Frank Pietrobono has given me the helm of a healthy
organization, ready to be taken to the next steps of its evolution.

On my first day I was re-introduced to a fine group of professionals
with Steve, Mona, the two Lynne’s, Lisa, Linda and Patty in the
National Office, Sylvie and Linda in our Chapter Offices. It is a
privilege and an honor to lead them and I have no doubt, thirty days
into this trek, that they are as eager as I am to make CANASA even

At last I am proud and so should you be, of an ever growing industry,
working alongside public safety, with the common goal to keep Canada a
safe place to raise our children, to do business, to work and live.

JF Champagne is the ED of CANASA and can be reached at jfchampagne@canasa.org , or (800) 538-9919

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