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Industry leaders report
Industry experts predict SaaS and new tech industry players will dominate
landscape next year

Access control is expected to be the growth leader through 2015 and Software as a Service (SaaS) will emerge as a popular model for organizations looking to cut their security costs next year, according to experts speaking at a conference exploring the future of the security industry. more...

ONVIF vs. PSIA: Competing standards bodies vie for industry support
It sounds like Betamax versus VHS all over again — but not quite. In the physical security world, two standards groups are vying for the support of the industry, but it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison. One supports specs around IP video, while the other is aiming for broader IP standards across the physical security market. And some players are supporting both specs.

Evolving trends in access control
Obviously everyone in the industry is talking about the latest trends in CCTV technology, such as the transition from analogue to IP, Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity and the shift to open-architecture solutions. However, it is important to note that these same trends are also occurring in another major technology in physical security: access control. more...

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SP&T News Minute
Is biometrics finally moving downmarket?

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Interview with Patrick Soo of Monitronics Canada
How Monitronics has grown its market in 2009

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Bosch long-range imager
Bosch Security Systems Inc. has released the ZX55 Infrared Imager, a long-range camera for critical outdoor surveillance applications.
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AirPatrol wireless system
AirPatrol Corp.‘s Rapid Deployment Sensor (RDS) is a wireless intrusion detection system designed for temporary wireless security deployments, wireless vulnerability assessments and white hat penetration tests.
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Dual-voltage CCTV cam from Samsung Techwin
Samsung Techwin America’s SOC-4160 is a compact high-performance indoor/outdoor day/night camera with integrated mount and Samsung’s new 5th generation DSP image processing technology.
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SP&T News Editorial Advisory Board: Predictions for 2010 Our industry experts talk about what technologies and trends they see coming in the next year.

Installation Focus:
Manitoba Lotteries Corp.
Upgrading and standardizing the casinos’ security systems onto one integrated platform enabled MLC to take a more holistic and standardized approach to security.

Technology Focus
PSIA vs ONVIF What does it mean to the industry and to you and your customers?

Year in Review
Who were the newsmakers in 2010?

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Feeling Software

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