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Provident a top B.C. employer
Effort to improve gains recognition

Two years ago, the management team of Vancouver-based Provident Security set out to make it one of the better places to work and, on Nov. 29, they were rewarded for their efforts by being recognized as one of the 25 best places to work in British Columbia.
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New technicians enter the field
Alberta institution graduates first ATC 1 students

The graduation of several more students from the Canadian Security Association’s (CANASA) Alarm Technician Course (ATC) Level 1 is the latest in what is hoped to become many more in the future.
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Security Business Wire

Smart card market growing
More functionality permitted by the technology

A report by global growth consulting company Frost and Sullivan, which has offices in Toronto, says the smart card market is expected to grow to $158.5 million in 2011 from $90.4 million in 2005.

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March Networks revenues increase
Patent suit is settled

For the first six months of its fiscal 2007 ending on Oct. 31, March Networks has increased its revenues by 41 per cent.

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320X Power Zoom Lens Camera

GVI-Samsung CCTV introduces the Built-in 32X Optical Zoom Lens Camera (SCC-C4307), includes a 1/4” Sony Ex-View (r) CCD to provide you an excellent surveillance range. With auto focus, light level and iris controls, it takes zero time to focus the camera correctly.
The camera includes a high sensitivity imager that provides unmatched low light performance as well as Day Night and Wide Dynamic Range to give you the best picture in all lighting conditions.

See online demo at www.samsung-security.com

Product Previews

New handles
Dirak has expanded its product line to include a bowed handle that incorporates D-Snap technology. This product functions as both a handle and a latch. Prior to D-Snap, screws were required to secure handles on cabinets. Handles incorporating D-Snap are snapped into place on the prepared panel. No screws, nuts or tools are needed.
The dual function of this product (handle and latch combined in one product) is designed for use with many types of sheet metal cabinets. They can be equipped with a cylinder key mechanism or an insert for special tools. Inserts come in several head styles, making them adaptable for various tool openings to meet different levels of security requirements. The Snap-Line bowed handle comes with a clip for grounding.
Snap-Line handles have a set of spring-loaded wings that are inserted into a channel in the handle housing.
As the wings retract after passing through the cutout, the Snap-Line handle is designed to be held securely in place, even in severe vibration applications. Since the handle does not require mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, screws) there is less risk of hardware loosening over time and damaging sensitive electronic equipment. Different sizes of spring-loaded wings make it possible to use the handle in any sheet metal thickness.

Explosives detection
In response to the recent aviation threat involving the use of ordinary drink bottles to carry liquid explosives onto aircraft, Scanna is launching a handheld liquids detector called LiquidScan for detecting flammable and explosive liquids inside sealed containers.
LiquidScan is designed to detect flammable and explosive liquids inside plastic and glass of vessels without violation of any seals or tape. Substances it is intended to detect include gasoline, incendiary mixtures, acetone, nitroglycerine, various spirits, ethers and other dangerous liquids from water, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and dairy products.
The apparatus uses electrical tomography to estimates the spatial distribution of electric properties of a medium and can determine the characteristics of a liquid irrespective of the size of container, thickness of its wall or presence of air gap between the device and a vessel. In turn, the electrical properties of the liquid (permittivity and conductivity) determine whether the liquid is either flammable or explosive. LiquidScan is completely electronic and does not contain any radioactive or microwave source or any other potentially dangerous parts.

IP Video
IndigoVision has launched a range of IP video products supporting H.264.
The new 9000 range includes updated versions of products currently available in the 8000 range: transmitters, IP domes and Networked Video Recorders (NVRs). Control Center, IndigoVision's video and alarm management software has also been updated for the 9000 range. IndigoVision partners can therefore install a complete IP video system based on the latest H.264 compression technology.
The 9000 range provides the same low-latency video that has been delivered by 8000 MPEG-4 based systems but with a reduction of up to 50 per cent in bandwidth and storage requirement. The new 9000 range is fully compatible with the current 8000 products, ensuring that any existing IndigoVision installations can be upgraded with products from either range.
The 9000 products use IndigoVision's FPGA-based H.264 hardware codec designed by IndigoVision, as a development of the previous MPEG-4 design used in the 8000. The design has been customized for use in CCTV systems. Extra compression can be achieved when there is low activity in the video.


Calendar of Events

January 3, 2007 at Tri-Ed’s Mississauga branch 3688 Nashua Drive, Units A-F: Counter Day to teach the range of products from ICM Corp. www.tri-ed.com

January 22-25, 2007 BICSI Winter Conference, Orlando Fla. www.bicsi.org

February 5-7, 2007 ASIS Asia-Pacific Security Conference, Singapore, www.asisonline.org

March 4-7, 2007 BICSI Canada conference, the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, B.C., www.bicsi.org

March 25-27, 2007 ASIS European Security Conference, Berlin, Germany, www.asisonline.org

March 28-30, 2007 ISC West, Las Vegas, Nev. www.iscwest.com

April 25-26, 2007 CANASA Security Canada East, Montreal, QuÈ. www.canasa.org

May 3, 2007 Canadian Fire Alarm Association’s annual technical seminar at York University (Schulich School of Business), www.cfaa.ca

May 7-9, 2007 ASIS International Emerging Trends in Security and Technology, San Antonio, Tex., www.asisonline.org

May 15-17, 2007 Canadian Technical Security Conference and Trade Show, Mississauga Convention Centre,

May 30, 2007 CANASA Security Canada West, Richmond, B.C. www.canasa.org

June 20 - 21, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Alberta, Edmonton, Alta., www.canasa.org

Sept. 6, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Atlantic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, www.canasa.org

Sept. 24-27, 2007 ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Las Vegas, Nev., www.asisonline.org

Oct. 16 -18, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Central, Toronto, Ont., www.canasa.org

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On Deck - In the January/February SP&T News

Installation Feature:

High-rise buildings:

  • Ville Place Marie in downtown Montreal is a 42-floor tower in an important area of the city's business district. The building's security manager needed a flexible CCTV system that could grow and evolve with the needs of its tenants while still managing some legacy systems. SP&T News looks at the challenges of installing an IP surveillance video system at Ville Place Marie.

Technology Focus:

What Will Be Hot in 2007?

  • The editors of SP&T News sat down with the magazine's editorial advisory board and reviewed what they see as the top technologies for the coming year and the challenges facing the industry.

Special Topic:

Disaster Recovery

  • If a major disaster wiped out your business tomorrow, could you still service your customers? What do alarm-monitoring companies need to know when developing a disaster recovery plan?

Product Focus: DVRs

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