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Monitoring companies seeking clarity on cryptic signals
CANASA hoping to drive creation of standards

Most of the signals that come into a monitoring station are pretty clear: fire, burglary, hold-up.
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Tuning in to security's education needs
Industry has to be more involved with educators, stakeholders

The security installations industry is getting more complicated, requiring an even higher level of skilled people. The problem, however, is they're not there in the numbers that would make a lot of people in the industry comfortable.
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Get ready for regulation
Industry urged to get in front of trend

For anyone operating a security installation company in Canada, the signs are clear: get ready for regulation because it's on its way.
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Security Business Wire

York Region school board upgrading to DVRs
Capitalizing on previous security technology investments

York Region District School Board is upgrading the security at 27 of its schools to go from video cassette recorders to digital video recorders.

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SimplexGrinnell wins award
Promoting higher education in fire protection

SimplexGrinnell, a business unit of Tyco Fire and Security, has received an award for its support of education in fire protection engineering.

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New access control system release
More functions allowed with revised application

Brivo Systems has released a new version of its ACS WebService application for security and access control to include group activated schedules and two-factor credentials.

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Superior Performance w/Unique Functions...

DVRs that perform incredibly with many outstanding features; the SHR-2000 series consists of 4/8/16 channel digital video recorders capable of a real-time recording rate with 4 channel or a 120ips recording rate in CIF mode with 8/16 channel options. Each channel provides a variable image compression setting to save HDD consumption. The series also records 4-channel synchronized audio. The external interface method is USB 2.0 and the built-in CD-RW options available.

See online demo at www.samsung-security.com

Product Previews

Dead-font option
Silent Knight, a Honeywell company, has introduced its expanded IntelliKnight series. The new panels now support synchronization of system sensory A/V appliances and a USB programming port. The 5820XL has an improved power supply capacity of six amps and a new dead-font option that allows for reset, silence and acknowledge functions without requiring a user code or operator's key.

The IntelliKnight line of products features three control panels, the 5700 for smaller applications, the 5808 for medium size applications and the 5820XL for larger applications.

Dual functionality
Saflink Corp. has announced that SureAccess, an all-weather, biometric, smart card reader that is designed to reduce the threat of unauthorized access to critical facilities, now supports proximity cards. SureAccess is designed to enable workers to use the same smart card to gain entry at multiple sites. The reader's dual functionality enables businesses to maintain existing proximity card access control systems while simultaneously issuing biometric smart cards to users.

The SureAccess is currently being used in several secured transportation area access security initiatives in the United States.

Into the infrared
Avigilon, has launched the Avigilon Performance Surveillance System featuring high-sensitivity Gigabit Ethernet cameras, ranging in resolution from VGA to 11 megapixels, and high-capacity recorders that capture and preserve surveillance evidence using lossless compression.

Avigilon's surveillance system is comprised of the following four components: Multi-Megapixel Cameras which feature Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and progressive scan CCD sensors to deliver true 14-bit dynamic range and sensitive across the entire visible spectrum and into near infrared wavelengths; gigabit transmission which can stream images 10 times faster than cameras that only support 100 megabit Ethernet; lossless recording to capture image data exactly as it is produced by the camera's sensor, ensuring that all image evidence is preserved and enhanced viewing allowing users to view live and recorded multi-megapixel surveillance streams. Built-in image enhancement features are designed to reveal image details, in real-time, that are invisible to the human eye.


Calendar of Events

November 3-8, 2006 CSAA 2006 Annual Meeting. Rome, Italy, www.csaaul.org

January 22-25, 2007 BICSI Winter Conference, Orlando Fla. www.bicsi.org

February 5-7, 2007 ASIS Asia-Pacific Security Conference, Singapore, www.asisonline.org

March 4-7, 2007 BICSI Canada conference, the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, B.C., www.bicsi.org

March 25-27, 2007 ASIS European Security Conference, Berlin, Germany, www.asisonline.org

March 28-30, 2007 ISC West, Last Vegas, Nev. www.iscwest.com

April 25-26, 2007 CANASA Security Canada East, Montreal, QuÈ. www.canasa.org

May 7-9, 2007 ASIS International Emerging Trends in Security and Technology, San Antonio, Tex., www.asisonline.org

May 15-17, 2007 Canadian Technical Security Conference and Trade Show, Mississauga Convention Centre, www.ipg-protect.com/ctsc.html

May 30, 2007 CANASA Security Canada West, Richmond, B.C. www.canasa.org

June 20 - 21, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Alberta, Edmonton, Alta., www.canasa.org

Sept. 6, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Atlantic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, www.canasa.org

Sept. 24-27, 2007 ASIS International 53rd Annual Seminar and Exhibits, Las Vegas, Nev., www.asisonline.org

Oct. 16 -18, 2007 CANASA Security Canada Central, Toronto, Ont., www.canasa.org

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On Deck - In the November SP&T News

Installation Feature: Access Control

Cost-controlled access

  • With staff coming and going at all hours of the day and night from its CanWest Global station in Toronto, the company needed to upgrade its aging and inefficient magnetic stripe access control as well as the system at its National Post newspaper property. CanWest upgraded to a proximity card system with added photo identification. The project was economical though because certain aspects of the existing system were converted into the new system. SP&T News looks at how the project took shape.

Special Topics: Vertical Markets

Securing the Food Chain

  • At one time, food security involved checking for razor blades in your Halloween candy. But in 2002, the U.S. Bioterrorism Act put measures in place for product tracking, such as registration of facilities, and C-TPAT, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, now requires documentation of security procedures for cross-border trade.
    While Canada has no legislation on ''food defence'' many Canadian companies are affected by regulations south of the border and are making significant investments in physical security infrastructure. And ''food defence'' costs money. This can include security guards, gates and fencing, for example, as well as surveillance cameras and access card systems for employees. SP&T News looks at the opportunities for security systems in the food industry.

Q&A: Brad Sparrow of VoxCom

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