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Bill 88 will give Quebec security firms business edge, says expert

By Kathleen Sibley
The province of Quebec is passing legislation that will make background checks a prerequisite for almost everyone working in the private security field.

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Q&A with Peter Strom, President and CEO, March Networks

By Jennifer Brown
SP&T: You recently announced your intention to acquire Trax Retail Solutions. Apart from retail, transportation, financial and government markets where do you see the most growth for March Networks in the next few years?
Strom: We see growth across the board in all the markets we focus on, but overall, from total size of opportunity for the company, retail probably holds the biggest growth opportunity for us. Transportation is going to be a high-growth area, but from an overall numbers standpoint definitely not as large a market as retail.

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Mobile networking increasing risk

Spammers are increasingly turning to mobile text-messaging, Web-based instant messaging, blogs and social-networking communities such as MySpace.com, according to mail services company MessageLabs.

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CIC launches project

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is launching a $3.5 million biometric pilot project using fingerprint and facial recogntion at visa offices abroad and select points of entry to Canada.

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Product Previews

Day and night
Panasonic's WV-CS954 Unitized Day/Night Color Dome Camera has a new design that Panasonic is implementing across video surveillance products. It incorporates Panasonic's Super Dynamic III (SDIII) technology which provides 128-times dynamic range; pixel-based digital contrast correction; Auto Image Stabilizer to minimize effects of vibration and wind; Auto Focus to maintain image detail and clarity across its extensive zoom range; Auto Tracking to follow an individual’s movements within the camera's field of view; Scene Change Detection to alert if the camera has been tampered with; 30-times optical zoom (300-times electronically); Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction to minimize image streaking when viewing moving images; 540 lines of color resolution; and extreme low light sensitivity in color (0.5 lux) and BW
(0.06 lux).
Additional features of the WV-CS954 include; day/night operation; privacy zone masking; built-in digital motion detection; digital-flip for automatic 180-degree turning; 360-degree endless fine panning at a max speed of 400 degrees/second; RS-485 communications; alarm inputs/outputs; VD2 internal synchronization; and 256 presets. It is the most feature-rich video surveillance dome camera available.

Smart cards
HID Global Corp. and one of its companies, AccessID, are supporting the launch of QiWave, HID's iClass 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. They are are optimized to manage multiple applications in a secure, versatile and interoperable environment. Applications include physical and logical access, cashless vending and biometric authentication. AccessID is designed to add further value to the iClass card through custom printing, anti-counterfeiting features such as holograms and UV inks and other value-added card services required in the campus environment. QiWave's contactless iClass solution increases transaction speed and convenience for the user, reduces or eliminates cash handling, reduces machine maintenance and extends card life by eliminating mechanical contact between the card and the reader.
QiWAVE was introduced to the public at the Campus of the Future Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii July 8-11.

Reducing health risk
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies today announced that it is using an advanced plastic technology to reduce the spread of microorganisms from people using its new GT Series biometric HandPunch readers for time and attendance applications. HandPunch readers take a three-dimensional reading of the size and shape of a hand to verify the user’s identity in less than one second. A silver-based material, using BioCote silver antimicrobial technology, is embedded into the plastics used to create the HandPunch, providing a hygienic finish that resists bacterial degradation and reduces bacteria levels on the reader's surface.
BioCote Limited, the market leader in the field of antimicrobial technology, developed the antimicrobial technology used in the handreaders. The active agents in BioCote products are incorporated during the manufacturing process and remain active for the life of biometric reader to protect it from degradation


Superior Performance w/Unique Functions...

DVRs that perform incredibly with many outstanding features; the SHR-2000 series consists of 4/8/16 channel digital video recorders capable of a real-time recording rate with 4 channel or a 120ips recording rate in CIF mode with 8/16 channel options. Each channel provides a variable image compression setting to save HDD consumption. The series also records 4-channel synchronized audio. The external interface method is USB 2.0 and the built-in CD-RW options available.

See online demo at www.samsung-security.com

Calendar of Events

September 14, 2006 ADI Expo. Montreal, www.adilink.com/expo/calendar.php

September 18-21, 2006 BICSI's 2006 Fall Conference. Las Vegas, Nev.

Sept. 21, 2006 CANASA's Security Canada Atlantic. Dieppe, N.B.

Sept. 22-23, 2006 CANASA's Alarm Technician Course - Level 1. Dieppe, N.B.

Sept. 25-28, 2006 ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits. San Diego, Calif.

October 2006 Feria Internacional de Seguridad, E+S. Bogot·, Colombia

October 3-4, 20 RFID Solutions Conferences. Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

October 17-19, 2006 CANASA's Security Canada Central. Toronto, Ont.

October 24-25, 2006 ISC East. New York, N.Y.

November 3-8, 2006 CSAA 2006 Annual Meeting. Rome, Italy.

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On Deck - What's Coming Up

Installation feature focus: Commercial operations

  • Barrie Police Service rolls out IP-based video surveillance to boost security
    The Barrie Police Service was looking for a better way to collect evidentiary data in the form of audio/video statements, as well as a more reliable solution to monitor and store video data from its prisoner holding area. Their analogue closed-circuit TV system was outdated, and in law enforcement the evidentiary component is key to the Police Services Act and the Crown Attorney. After a lengthy consultation process, it turned an IP-based video security system for its headquarters in Barrie, Ont., located about an hour north of Toronto

Technology feature focus: Licence plate recognition technology

  • With the price of fuel on the rise at the pumps, drive-off theft at gas stations is on the rise and more retailers are starting to look at the latest in licence plate recognition technology — an image processing technology used to identify vehicles by their licence plate numbers. Specialized software enables installed CCTV surveillance cameras to capture a digital photo image of the automobile's licence plate and — within a matter of seconds — record the numbers and letters on the plate. The image can then be saved and provided to law enforcement.

Special feature focus: Insurance for dealers/installers

  • Alarm dealers shouldn't skimp on insurance, nor should they rely on general liability insurance in the event of a failure. If the client (or even their insurance agency) can find the dealer at fault for any reason, they can take the dealer to court — causing bankruptcy and ruined reputations. Having the right insurance (such as errors and omissions insurance), signing clauses that limit their liability and offering options in their quotes are some ways that alarm dealers can protect themselves in the event of a failure. SP&T News will outline how insurance — or not having enough of it — can impact alarm dealers, and what they should and shouldn't be doing to protect themselves against liability.

News feature: Bill 88 becomes law

  • Bill 88 has now been passed in the Quebec National Assembly. It will mean a new regulatory era for the security industry in Quebec with implications for the rest of the country as well. SP&T News looks at what it will mean for those working in the industry.

Product focus: Card readers

  • Bill 88 has now been passed in the Quebec National Assembly. It will mean a new regulatory era for the security industry in Quebec with implications for the rest of the country as well. SP&T News looks at what it will mean for those working in the industry.

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