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A little privacy with your surveillance

The average person in a major U.S. and Canadian city will have their image captured on a surveillance camera 100 times per day. In the UK, it's more like 200 times per day.

But there is a shift happening in video surveillance occurring now with event-based and object-based surveillance taking the place of people and pixel-based surveillance.

Eptascape's MPEG 7 technology is shaping event-based security in airports. Event based surveillance takes you out of the picture on surveillance cameras, while security levels are raised as aberrant events and behaviors are automatically flagged and control room operators focus on the odd events and behaviors rather than race, gender, and age factors among people. With event and object based surveillance, individual privacy is protected and bias is removed from from the monitoring process.

Suspicious events might include highlighting objects, such as a gun, or something left behind, people trespassing or moving against the flow, people crossing an access gate, or "tail-gating" behind another person. If someone in a crowd were to pass off a briefcase from one person to another, or if someone were to slip onto the tarmac at an airport, the behavior would be categorized as suspicious and authorized personnel, already monitoring a video screen with all components, except identity, would automatically be alerted to the event. Only then would authorized personnel with decryption keys be able to play back recorded video with only the involved subjects unmasked.

View a video illustration at www.eptascape.com.

Casino Banks on IP Video

The Gala Hotel and Casino complex in Douglas on the Isle of Man has installed an IP Video solution to provide CCTV surveillance for its gaming operation.

The system, installed by Zoom CCTV Limited, uses IndigoVision’s Control Center enterprise video and alarm management software. Control Center provides control, administration and viewing of the live camera feeds and recorded video over the IP network. Video recording is achieved using three 1TB stand-alone Networked Video Recorders (NVRs). The Casino required a system that could be easily and cost-effectively expanded to meet future needs. The combination of Control Center and the IP network creates a virtual matrix, which is flexible and fully scalable unlike an analog matrix in a traditional cabled system.

Twenty-six cameras from the casino's original installation were re-used by connecting them to IndigoVision's transmitter/receiver racks. The racks convert the analog camera feeds into 25fps, MPEG-4 high-quality digital video for transmission over the network. Three channels of audio from different areas of the casino are also transmitted over the network and recorded on the NVRs alongside the video.

The casino's original system was based on VCR recording technology and required tapes from 20 recorders to be changed every three hours. The three NVRs now record continuous 25fps high-quality video from all cameras for 21 days. Control Center allows a specific recorded video sequence to be quickly and easily located which speeds up the resolution of potential customer disputes.

Product Previews

The Mounting Pedestal from Safety Technology International offers a convenient way to mount a variety of access control equipment outdoors. This pedestal helps provide convenience for security and/or access control equipment.

Two models are available. The STI-9779 measures 60 inches (1524mm) high and is designed to be anchored, cemented and buried into the ground. The STI-9780 measures 42 inches (1067mm) high and is designed with a base to mount to a concrete pad. This unit has a mounting flange cover plate which helps protect the four mounting nuts from damage. Both models have a durable anti-corrosive powder coat finish.

The heavy gauge steel pedestal can be used for: access control, telephone entry, gate operators, parking control, card readers, push buttons/switches, intercoms, fire access stations, keypads and much more.

Optex Technologies Inc. introduces ProSwing Elite, Door Mounted Safety Sensor for Automatic Swinging Doors

Optex will soon release a single sensor system that can be installed in about an hour on a Swinging door that completely replaces traditional systems requiring overhead presence. The ProSwing Elite uses reflective Infrared technology to achieve presence detection throughout the entire swing and threshold area during the entire open and close cycles as well as full open and full closed. No additional overhead presence sensor is needed to comply with ANSI/BHMA 156.10 2005. The ProSwing Elite can be used for Single Swing, Simultaneous Pairs and Dual Egress Swing Doors.

Wall-mount LCD Standalone Embedded 8 Sensor & 8 Relay for 8 Video and 8 Audio with a Remote Controller.

Cyberview Technology of Montreal, the branch office of RapidOS Technology, Inc., has launched a standalone DVR product.

The RS-1240RH, is a wall-mount standalone with an eight inche LCD intended for multi-tasks such as simultaneous audio and video monitoring, recording, playback and remote monitoring. Unlike the traditional design of standalone which looks like IPC style, the heavy and desktop type, RS-1240RH is a wall-mount type embedded LCD to eye-catch users' attention. It offers shop owners — especially those who have to consider the space and rental cost — a space-saving and trendy choice on top of security functionality.


Superior Performance w/Unique Functions...

DVRs that perform incredibly with many outstanding features; the SHR-2000 series consists of 4/8/16 channel digital video recorders capable of a real-time recording rate with 4 channel or a 120ips recording rate in CIF mode with 8/16 channel options. Each channel provides a variable image compression setting to save HDD consumption. The series also records 4-channel synchronized audio. The external interface method is USB 2.0 and the built-in CD-RW options available.

See online demo at www.samsung-security.com

Calendar of Events

June 12-14, 2006 SIA's Government Sales and Marketing Summit. Washington, D.C. www.siaonline.org

June 19-21, 2006 Infosecurity Canada Conference & Exhibition. Toronto, Ont. www.infosecuritycanada.com/advance

June 22, 2006 Security Canada Conference Alberta, Edmonton, Alta. www.canasa.org

June 27, 2006 ONTARIO Chapter Members' Meeting
What has CANASA Been Doing for Its Members, Markham, ON www.canasa.org

June 25-27, 2006 The Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum. Hosted by CABA. Dallas, Tex. www.caba.org/leadersforum

June 25-28, 2006 BICSI'S 2006 Workshop. Chicago, Ill. www.bicsi.org

July 18-20, 2006 Americas' Fire and Security Expo 2006. Miami, Fla. www.americasfireandsecurity.com

July 20, 2006 ASIS International, Toronto Chapter, Golf Tournament. Lionhead Golf & Country Club. www.asistoronto.com

September 14, 2006 ADI Expo. Montreal, www.adilink.com/expo/calendar.php

Click here for a complete list of industry-related events

Work your way there…

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Security Business Wire

March Networks Offer to Acquire Trax Retail Solutions

March Networks announced June 6 that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Trax Retail Solutions, Inc. and its affiliated company. Scottsdale, Arizona based Trax is a provider of enterprise software for loss prevention, store operations control and profit optimization solutions within the retail sector.

The agreement calls for the payment by Ottawa-Ont.-based March Networks of cash and common shares for a total purchase price of approximately $7.5 million USD plus an earn-out component. Under terms of the agreement, March Networks will pay $5.0 million US in cash and have the option of paying the remaining amount in cash or common shares. The agreement is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close by the end of June 2006.

March Networks plans on maintaining a presence in Scottsdale and retaining many of the approximately 50 Trax employees.

Shrinkage (inventory loss primarily caused by theft) is a significant problem for retailers throughout the world. Market research estimates that $46 billion USD is lost annually in the United States because of shrinkage.

For fiscal year 2007, March Networks expects that the Trax acquisition will contribute less than five per cent of the total revenue of the company.

Stanley Security Solutions Announces Formation of Stanley Security Products

Stanley Security Solutions, Inc., has introduced the Stanley Security Products Group (SPG) chartered to lead Stanley Security Solutions' reseller strategy focused on distributing its products and services through a network of Stanley authorized dealers and resellers. The new business unit is designed to drive growth, better serving existing and new customers through dealer and reseller distribution channels.

The strategy will deliver products through multiple channels and increase operating efficiencies.

Initially, the distribution channels will consist of security dealers, as well as a continuing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationship with Bosch Security Systems Inc., and Stanley Systems Integration. They will immediately benefit from increased access to Regional Sales Managers able to train and assist in customer demonstrations of both Stanley VIP NVR and DVR solutions and Stanley PAC Access Control and Security Solutions.

The acquisition of PAC International, a 30-year pioneer in access control and Intivid is the entry point for SPG in the U.S. security market. The combination integrates two healthy, profitable companies with similar cultures and values.


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