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Active Directory integration with Keyscan Aurora Version 1.0.10.

Active Directory integration with Keyscan Aurora Version 1.0.10.

KeyscanKeyscan is pleased to feature Microsoft Active Directory™ integration as a software add-on module for the latest Keyscan Aurora access control management software release expected February 2015.

The Active Directory integration within Aurora is available as an “Add-on” software module that requires a license code for activation.

With the new Keyscan Aurora release, people may be linked to their Active Directory record. Active Directory expedites system user permissions and day-to-day activities with Aurora such as:

Addition of People:
Utilize Active Directory to save time and effort when adding new users and credential holders to your access control system.

Assignment of Site:
Automate new person access control permissions and corresponding assignment to all of your sites using Active Directory.

"Base Access" Permission:
Streamline new person creation with automated assignment of base-level group access control permissions to further simplify database creation and management.

Revoking of Access Privileges:
Leverage Active Directory capability to automate removal and archive instances for persons who are no longer associated with their assigned credentials.

Look for Active Directory and other new features in Keyscan Aurora Version 1.0.10
Available February 2015.

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