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Making Multi-Tech easier and more affordable

Due to growing popularity and demand, Schlage has consolidated its AD-Series line of readers into two Multi-Tech options, creating efficiencies and savings for customers.

We call them “Flexible” but our customers call them common sense.

Due to unrivalled demand for its Multi-Tech (MT) and Multi-Tech with Keypad (MTK) readers in the AD-Series of contactless locks, Schlage has announced it is consolidating its line of readers into two MT options within the standard AD-Series platform.

This move, which removes the proximity-only and smart-card-only readers from the line, has two key benefits for customers and end users: a reduction in the price of the MT readers by 40% and simplifying the inventory requirements for dealers and integrators.

The flexibility of MT readers has made them the common-sense option for Schlage customers, says Jeremy Earles, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies product marketing manager, credentials and readers.

Smart credentials offer higher levels of security, more convenience and greater functionality than proximity cards, for approximately the same price. But converting a facility from proximity cards to smart credentials can be expensive, which is why many facility owners have been reluctant to make the move.

Multi-tech readers, when replacing or augmenting an existing proximity-based system, allow a facility owner to start preparing for a future conversion without sacrificing price or performance right now.

This consolidation from proximity-only and smart card-only options includes readers sold complete with AD-Series locks and wireless portable readers as well as individual reader modules. The AD-Series will continue to be offered with keypad, mag stripe and FIPS201 compliant reader modules.

For more information about Multi-Tech and Multi-Tech with Keypad readers, click here

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