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Security Canada season about to begin

Trade shows have proven to be an important opportunity to explore what’s new in product and service offerings, enable visitors to meet the industry experts and forge important alliances.

April 12, 2019
By Patrick Straw


The Security Canada shows are just the place to explore and learn all the latest developments in security.

Security Canada trade shows, presented by the Canadian Security Association (CANASA), begin the 2019 season in Laval, Que. on April 24.

Security Canada East offers security professionals access to cutting-edge security technologies brought to the industry by the leading companies in their respective fields. For information on Security Canada East, please visit www.securitycanada.com/sce

The upcoming Security Canada events across the country are shaping up as the largest ever held.

Security Canada Ottawa: Held May 8 at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. Security professionals from across the industry as well as government and military will all be in attendance at this important event in the nation’s capital. For information, visit www.securitycanada.com/sco

Security Canada Alberta: Held in Edmonton on May 29 at the River Cree Resort and Casino. On offer at this event are exhibitor education sessions where experts in their fields discuss their products and services. For information, visit www.securitycanada.com/scalb

Security Canada West: Coming to Richmond, B.C. on June 19 at the River Rock Casino Resort. The largest security show in the region also includes exhibitor education sessions as well as a free cocktail reception on the show floor. For information, visit www.securitycanada.com/scw

Security Canada Atlantic: Held in Moncton, N.B. on Sept. 11 at Casino New Brunswick. This event is the premier security show in one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada and will offer exhibitor education sessions and a free cocktail reception. For information, visit www.securitycanada.com/sca

Security Canada Central: Finally, the largest security trade show in the country, Security Canada Central will come to Toronto on Oct. 23 and 24 at the Toronto Congress Centre. The people who define the security industry will all be there as thousands of security professionals come to network and learn about all the latest security products and technologies. For information, visit www.securitycanada.com/scc

For all the information on these vital trade shows, please visit www.securitycanada.com or call Steve Basnett directly at 1-800-538-9919 ext. 224. For information on membership in Canada’s largest security association, please contact Erich Repper at erepper@canasa.org or call 1-800-538-9919 ext. 223.


Patrick Straw is the executive director of CANASA (www.canasa.org).

This story appeared in the April 2019 edition of SP&T News Magazine.

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