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3xLOGIC releases gunshot detection solution

June 19, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

3xLOGIC is introducing its gunshot detection solution featuring a dry contact that allows it to be integrated into existing security systems.

Rather than utilizing microphones, infrared sensors, or complex analytics, the self-contained device relies on concussive force recognition sensors to detect gunshots. When a gun is fired, the bullet creates a shockwave as it exits the barrel of the gun and travels through the air. This shockwave creates a unique concussive force that the 3xLOGIC solution is able to detect. With a detection radius of 75 feet and 360-degree coverage, offering 15,000 cubic feet of coverage per device, the solution minimizes the number of gunshot detection sensors required.

“Active shooter situations are all too common, and given the potential for these events to escalate quickly before police can arrive, it’s important for security teams to be better prepared to react quickly and effectively,” said Bill Hobbs, Global VP Sales, 3xLOGIC, in a statement. “We are excited to roll out the 3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection device, which provides an effective, affordable solution that can play an important role in active shooter safety and security plans.”

Potential use cases for the 3xLOGIC Gunshot Detection solution include K-12 education, warehouses and distribution centres, small/medium businesses, and financial and banking institutions.


The gunshot detection solution offers ceiling and wall mount options. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., the indoor-rated solution features a die-cast aluminum casing with a temperature rating of -35°F to 135°F. It also offers test mode via contactless switch and trouble relay for AC power loss. The solution is backed by a one-year warranty.

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