Access Control
3D face recognition system

The Broadway 3D Face Recognition System is installed for airport workers access control. The system uses the geometry of a human face – one of the most precise biometrics that is impossible to fool or fake.

September 12, 2013
By Staff

Broadway 3D by Artec Group was selected to be installed in the Sochi airport for its safety and fast performance. The system eliminates access of an unregistered person or unauthorized employee. In less than a second the system captures surface information, having analyzed about 40 thousand points on a user’s face it builds a mathematical model and compares it to the database. It is capable of identifying a person walking, in hats or sunglasses. It can also tell apart identical twins. Moreover, the system offers a high throughput that is quite crucial during rush hours. Registration takes up to 2 seconds; throughput is 60 people per minute.

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