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How SIAC is helping to reduce dispatches and increase revenue

In the coming posts, this column will serve to educate you on the issues of false alarms and false dispatch reduction.

December 9, 2014  By Ron Walters

The processes that will be introduced to you, when followed, may reduce your dispatches by up to 90 per cent and at the same time make your service department more efficient. In fact, they even have the potential to increase your revenue and reduce your attrition.

However, prior to addressing these effective techniques and processes, you need to understand how they were developed and how the Security Industry Alarm Coalition has the authority to speak to them.

In 2002 the four major industry associations came together to form a dedicated organization that would work on the false dispatch issue. These organizations include the Canadian Security Association (CANASA), which has held two seats on SIAC’s board of directors since day one. The other three organizations are CSAA, ESA and SIA.
SIAC’s mission statement — “One voice for the alarm industry on alarm management issues” — has remained valid through its 11 years of existence.

SIAC is a unique effort in our industry. It is completely funded by donations from the alarm industry. It is a 501 (c) (6) not for profit corporation, and has no individual or company memberships. What is most special is that we don’t charge the industry, law enforcement or the public for our services.


Our staff is made up of former industry professionals who have owned alarm companies and been volunteers in the alarm association arena. In addition, we have retired law enforcement executives to co-ordinate and improve our relationships with all branches of law enforcement.

SIAC is an active participant in law enforcement associations such as the International Association of Chief’s of Police, the National Association of Sheriff’s, the State Associations of Chief’s of Police, the Association of Police Communication Officers and others.

On the industry side. SIAC works with CANASA, ESA, CSAA and SIA. These four associations each hold two seats on SIAC’s Board of Directors. In addition SIAC has the ability to respond rapidly to serious issues that threatens a law enforcement response to alarms. SIAC is able to respond as quickly as 24 hours to work with the local industry on how best to educate the police, the industry and the public.

SIAC was never conceived to be defensive. Our original mission was to study the false dispatch issue, identify the causes and cures and then to educate all parties on the best solution. While most people’s impression of SIAC is that we fight non-response issues, and we have taken on that mission, but we also continue to study the issues of false alarms and have a strong presence in the education process.

So, over the course of 2014 this column will educate you on how to address these issues in your own company.  We believe that those that take the time to read all of these columns and apply these proven solutions can reduce their dispatch footprint and will benefit not only financially, but also professionally.

Ron Walters is the director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition (www.siacinc.org).

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