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CANASA UPDATE: Accreditation 2.0

Most security contractors in Canada wish for more regulations in the electronic security industry. Yes, Québec and B.C. already have a regulatory framework but we are essentially unregulated everywhere else. People with no experience, no technical training, no insurance and possibly a criminal record can enter our industry. It is not good for business. It is not good for the consumer.

November 3, 2014  By JF Champagne

This is why even the most conservative would agree that a minimum level of entry to the industry is needed. Regulation helps those of us who already adhere to best practices, have the knowledge and training and a clean criminal record. While we understand this mean more fees, more paperwork and more rules, it is, in the long run, beneficial.

CANASA members have known these facts for years and each time the government opens the door, we are there to represent the industry. All too often, new laws and regulations imposed by the government fail to achieve the very objective they were designed for in the first place — in this case to professionalize the industry and protect the public.

How about regulation where we determine our own rules to make ourselves more professional and protect the public? We have it. It is here. It is called the Canadian Accredited Security Contractor (CASC) Program.

It is what we need to make this industry better. In fact, it is better than anything the government can put in place. You can now demonstrate to the industry and the public that you are a professional company, you have training in place, you have insurance, and do not employ criminals.


Many of you have looked at the CASC program, but you found it expensive and its structure was not well suited to your reality. We heard your feedback and went back and addressed those issues.

We recently announced a new structure and pricing for the program. This could mean more than a 75 per cent reduction on the price you would have paid last year. While there are still a small number of contractors who have received their accreditation, I can tell you that we have many more coming on board in the near future. Visit the website today and have a look. It is now ready for you.

The program has also retained the services of Michael White, CPP, CRM to promote the program to the architects and engineers community as well as corporate end users and government agencies. Don’t be surprised if you find your customers asking if you are an Accredited Contractor or if you read a tender calling for CASC as a requirement.

I am confident that we will get enough accredited contractors in the foreseeable future to tip the scale and truly achieve self-regulation. That day will be a great day for all of us. Join now. 

JF Champagne is the executive director of CANASA (www.canasa.org).


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